Ash, Olive Burl

Also known as: White Ash

Botanical Name: (1) Fraxinus excelsior, (2) F. Americana, F. nigra

Origin: (1) Europe (2) North America

Description: Both European and American white Ash are similar in appearance. American ash often exhibits glassworm, shiny white or black worm shaped marks. While the survival of American ash is threatened by the emerald ash borer these marks are caused by cambium minors a smaller insect that bores through the cambium leaving these distinctive marks but not damaging the tree. The logs are usually flat cut to produce crown and straight-grained material. Occasionally veneer showing an attractive fiddleback figure is also available. Some Ash trees, as they mature, may develop a sound, browny coloured heart and the veneer from these is known as Olive Ash. See also Ash burl.

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