Birch, Mazur

Also known as: Silver Birch, White Birch, Masur Birch, Karelian Birch

Botanical Name: Betula alba, B. nigra, B. pendula and others

Origin: Northern Europe, Asia, North America

Description: This widely distributed genus is not generally a tree of large diameter, especially in Europe, and is therefore usually rotary cut. When highly graded, it is a clean, almost white, finely textured veneer of pleasing appearance. As with most very light veneers, the colour will yellow somewhat with age and exposure. Rotary-cut figured Birch, also known as Ice Birch, looks particularly attractive. So-called Apple Birch will display a random spread of slightly darker pips. Larger logs may be flat cut and these, when figured, are often referred to as Curly Birch or Flame Birch. Also available is Birch burr (Masur Birch or Karelian Birch) which is peeled from small logs mostly yielding veneer which has a greater width than its length. Anything above around 2.00 M in length is uncommon and sought after. The unusual markings are not the result of normal burr growth but may be due to genetic reasons or possibly soil type and location. Birch, in all its forms, is a versatile veneer with many uses.

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