Also known as: Moreton Bay Chestnut

Botanical Name: Castanospermum australe

Origin: Eastern Australia

Description: Blackbean takes its name from the look of its fruit pod which ages from brown to black after falling from the tree. Although toxic, the seeds, after much preparation, were once eaten by the Aborigine peoples and their chestnutty taste is said to have given the tree its other common name. Quarter cutting is usual, in order to produce straight grained veneer, but the occasional log may be flat sliced. Some logs have an attractive mottle or ripple figure and this is shown, as to be expected, more effectively on the quartered material. This species is not commonly seen in the U.K.but is useful for its rich gold to golden-brown colour, sometimes also showing a touch of olive-green. It is mainly used for interior decoration (doors, panelling etc.) and specially commissioned furniture.

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