Also known as: Chestnut, Spanish Chestnut

Botanical Name: Castanea sativa

Origin: Europe, S.W.Asia

Description: Very similar in colour to Oak but without any visible medullary rays. The logs are mostly flat-cut to produce as much crown material as possible. With its strong annual growth layers Sweet Chestnut makes a fine looking veneer, usually displaying a pronounced crown feature. Good straight-grain looks very elegant but it is not always easy to find this without at least a few flashes which can detract from the appearance. Also available in limited quantities as Chestnut burr and cluster veneer, although good examples of these can be quite costly and are mainly used on fine furniture and special architectural interior woodwork. This species is now also offered as a fumed (or smoked) veneer. Fairly similar in appearance to fumed Oak but usually with a more pronounced crown.

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