Also known as: Coromandel, Calamander, Marblewood

Botanical Name: Diospyros celebica, D. kurzii, D. quaesita and others

Origin: S.E. Asian Islands, particularly Celebes

Description: A beautiful, hard, close-textured veneer that is very variable in appearance from one log to another, coming as it does from several different species of Ebony. Usually dark brown to black and streaked with bands of lighter wood that may vary from pink to orange to yellowy-brown and even grey-brown. This gives a pronounced stripy effect which may be anything from very close and fine to quite wide, wild and “splashy”. When the stripes combine movement and much contrast the veneer is often described as “Marble Macassar”. Some wilder grained flitches can yield veneer that has a crown appearance. Full crown is however not commonly seen nowadays as the logs are almost always cut into narrower sections before conversion. As further closely related species are now being used for veneer production so we are seeing even more types and colours. Recently more of the pinky coloured material (sometimes referred to as Amara or Red Ebony) is being sliced, some of which has an excellent stripy character. Another variety has a dark, almost olive-green look. Both of these types have the advantage of being slightly larger in dimension than the more traditional Macasssar which seems to get ever more narrow. In all its varied forms, Macassar Ebony is used for many purposes where a distinctive or dramatic look is required, including special furniture, kitchens and other architectural interior joinery.

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