Botanical Name: Platymiscium spp. Said to be P. dukei

Origin: Central and South America

Description: The several species of Platymiscium that are native to northernmost south America tend to be grouped together somewhat loosely as timber and are often locally known as Macacauba or Macawood. Eldorado, a colourful veneer resembling a type of Rosewood, is one of these. The colour of the heartwood varies from yellow-brown to warm mid brown, often streaked with lighter and darker shades including pinky reds. This streaking and veining gives the veneer an overall exotic look. Sapwood is pronounced, being creamy white, and can be incorporated to great effect when a more dramatic and/or contrasty look is desired. Eldorado is not frequently seen but can make an effective choice for special furniture and interiors. N.B. Not to be confused with a type of American Red Oak also sometimes known as El Dorado, especially in the solid.