Larch, Fumed

Also known as: Siberian Larch

Botanical Name: Larix decidua, L. sibirica

Origin: Central and Northern Europe, Asia

Description: Cold, mountainous regions are where Larch is to be found naturally, preferring as it does long and severe winters for its optimum development. The trees are unusual for a conifer in that they shed their leaves in Autumn. They can reach heights of up to 40 metres and live for 200 years or more. Commercially felled trees however are usually far younger. For a species that is associated by many people with garden sheds and other wooden outbuildings, good examples of Larch veneer are surprisingly elegant for a softwood. Although sometimes inclined to be knotty, the better logs when sliced will display a uniform cathedral crown with clean, straight halves. The warm colour combined with annual growth rings that are usually strongly defined gives the veneer a distinctive look. Fumed Larch is also available, the veneer reacting to the process by darkening to varying deeper shades of golden brown to dark red-brown whilst still retaining its attractive character.

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