Limba, Black

Also known as: Dark Afara, Korina

Botanical Name: Terminalia superba

Origin: West and central Africa

Description: From this one species two types of Limba veneer are obtained. Some logs yield rather bland straw-yellow to yellowy brown material and this is known simply as Limba, White Limba or Light Afara. In so-called Black Limba, the heartwood will to varying degrees be a darker olive-grey to almost black colour and the most decorative logs when opened up will display dark, greyish coloured random streaking over a lighter, straw to yellowy background. Frequently black limba has has a calico effect with a central brown heart with yellow on one or both sides. This gives an altogether much more decorative look and the overall appearance can be very similar to that of Indian Silver Greywood (yet another member of the Terminalia family) which is now extremely difficult to find. Occasional logs may also have a mottle or ripple figure. Black Limba, with its interesting and unusual markings, can be a striking choice for panelling, doors or special furniture.