Louro Faia / Silky Oak Fumed

Also known as: Brazilian Lacewood, Brazillian Silky Oak

Botanical Name: Roupala brasiliensis, R. Montana

Origin: Tropical South America

Description: Very similar in appearance to Australian Silky Oak, this species is more readily available. Colour varies slightly from dark pink to reddish brown. The logs, which are often quite large, are quarter-cut in order to accentuate the strong ray figure which shows up as a dense series of small circular to oval shaped markings. These vary from around 3mm up to almost finger-nail size and can even appear “stretched” across the veneer in places. The rather exotic overall appearance is often likened to the skin of a reptile. From time to time Louro Faia is also available fumed. This process results in the veneer darkening in colour whilst retaining its unique surface look. This species, both natural and fumed, is very effective for special furniture and yacht interiors.

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