Mahogany, South American

Also known as: Brazilian Mahogany, Mogno, Honduras Mahogany, Central American Mahogany, Araputanga

Botanical Name: Swietenia macrophylla

Description: Very large quantities of this veneer have been used worldwide over the last fifty years or so. Supplies are now severely limited and the export is no longer permitted from Brazil. Colour varies from light pink to a darker orangey red including many shades in between. Although the vast majority of logs are plain, the occasional example will show a pretty mottle, fiddleback or twisted figure. This species has been used for virtually every purpose possible, in particular fine and reproduction furniture, panelling and high quality interior work. In the commercial world many different reddish coloured woods are referred to as this or that type of Mahogany. It should be noted however that true Mahogany is obtained only from the Swietenia family.

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