Oak, Burl Brown

Botanical Name: Quercus robur

Origin: United Kingdom

Description: Brown Oak is peculiar to trees grown in the British Isles and is the result of attack by the “Beef-steak” fungus which causes the wood to darken to a rich reddish-brown. This may be even-coloured or it may be streaked with lighter markings when it is sometimes known as Tiger Oak. Past demand has usually been for quarter-cut material, particularly showing a strong ray figure. Recently, however, a modest demand has arisen for crown cut veneer and some smaller logs are therefore flat sliced. Burr veneer is occasionally produced which, in a good example, can be very beautiful. The colour is unlike that of any other burr and may, like the normal-growth timber, be evenly spread or possibly dappled with lighter markings when it is often known as Tiger Oak Burr. As with most burr veneers, it is mainly used for fine individual furniture and special interior work.

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