Oak, Fumed

Also known as: English Oak, French Oak etc. Also Pippy, Cluster and Burr Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus robur, Q. petraea

Origin: Europe except northern Scandinavia

Description: This well known and loved species produces a myriad variety of different types of very useful veneer. Depending on the individual log and the way in which it is sliced, European Oak may be plain and straight grained with a minimal look, it may be highly figured with pronounced medullary rays, or crown-grained like many other types and even rustic looking with pips and burr clusters that can be spread over the full length of the log. Hugely versatile, it is used for just about any application that decorative veneer can be.
Some Oaks may develop large burrs and these, when sliced, can produce extremely fine looking veneer. Ingrowing bark is common to most logs but, nonetheless, it remains one of the more popular burr veneers for fine furniture and decorative interior uses.

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