Padouk, Amboyna Burl

Also known as: Andaman Padauk, Burma Padauk, Maidou, Amboyna, Narra

Botanical Name: Pterocarpus dalbergioides, P. macrocarpus, P. indicus

Origin: Andaman Islands, Burma, Thailand, Philippines, Malay peninsula.

Description: The spelling and pronunciation of the name of these closely related timbers has varied in two ways for many years. Correctly, it is spelt Padauk and the au is pronounced as in the word ouch. Commonly these days it is spelt Padouk with the ou being spoken as oo. The veneer produced from these species is fairly similar, being golden brown to red brown in colour, often with red streaking. It has a firm, lustrous surface and the grain is often wavy or interlocked, producing a fine mottle or “beeswing” figure. The burr from these trees is known as Amboyna Burr and is very highly prized. Usually small in dimension, the best veneers are used on the finest furniture and luxury interiors. The colour varies from golden yellow through to deep red and the small individual burr pips, although close together, appear in sharp focus, giving the veneer a very fine appearance.

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