Also known as: Dao, Pacific Walnut, Papua New Guinea Walnut

Botanical Name: Dracontomelum dao, D. mangiferum

Origin: Philippines and other Indonesian Islands

Description: Strictly speaking D. dao is the true Paldao and D. mangiferum the Pacific/New Guinea Walnut. However both species are similar in appearance and tend to be marketed as one in veneer form. Generally greyish-brown in colour, it somewhat resembles Australian Walnut, displaying irregular dark coloured lines and streaks and a fine, close, often interlocked grain. Logs of Paldao are not frequently available and have mostly been quarter-cut in the past. More recently there has been an increased call for crown material which may be produced by flat cutting or by first cutting the log into thirds. Paldao is an attractive, elegant veneer and may usefully be specified for special furniture and interiors.