Palm, Black

Also known as: Barigona, Copa Palm, Stilt Palm

Botanical Name: Iriartea deltoidea

Origin: Central and South America as far south as Bolivia

Description: Despite its size and appearance, Palm is botanically classified as a grass rather than a timber tree. The centre of the log consists of a spongy, open fibrous cortex which is of no interest. The remaining outer part however, is hard and heavy with a dense fibrous texture and possesses many of the properties of a hardwood timber. Locally it is often used for flooring and other structural purposes.
When sliced into veneer the character shows as a random series of black, dark brown and lighter, biscuit coloured close streaks or lines, occasionally criss- crossing one another. Thickness is usually at least 1.0mm as the quality suffers somewhat if it is cut any thinner.
The Black Palm we offer is produced in a similar way to Bamboo veneer, i.e. small strips are jointed together in both the length and width and made up into a size of 3.15 metres long by 190mm wide.
Black Palm is a relatively expensive veneer and is mainly used for special furniture and interiors, including one-off kitchens and bathrooms.