Also known as: Peartree, Swiss Pear, Wild Service Tree

Botanical Name: Sorbus torminalis, Pyrus communis

Origin: Europe, particularly France, Austria and Switzerland

Description: Veneer from these two species is almost impossible to differentiate and is marketed generally as Swiss Pear. Most veneer logs however, are from the Wild Service tree (Sorbus). These are flat-sliced and the best examples will display a beautiful light to medium pink colour throughout, a result of the logs being steamed. Lower grade material will often have an irregular dark grey-brown heart which results in the veneer somewhat resembling Apple. Although the highest prized logs are those that are very plain and even in colour, Pear often has a pretty figure which gives it a completely different appeal. A useful outlet for dark hearted Pear has been found by fuming the veneer with ammonia, in the same way that fumed Oak is produced. This process darkens the colour of the paler wood, resulting in a much more attractive overall look.