Pine, Knotty

Also known as: Knotty Cypress Knotty Fir Knotty Spruce

Botanical Name: Pinus spp. Cupressus macrocarpa Abies alba Picea abies

Origin: Europe, Asia, North America

Description: Almost any softwood that produces material displaying numerous small to medium sized sound knots when sliced may be marketed as Knotty Pine.
Different stocks will vary from time to time as to exact type, but all bear a certain resemblance to each other, i.e. a scattering of reddish-brown knots which contrast well with the lighter background colour. Some logs may also have one or two other defects such as a slight central shake in parts but this is usually deemed to be acceptable for this type of veneer since it adds to the rustic character for which Knotty Pine is usually specified

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