Poplar, Rotary

Also known as: Black Poplar, Poplar Burr, Mapa (Mappa) Burr, Aspen Cluster

Botanical Name: Populus spp. esp. P. nigra

Origin: Europe

Description: Only burr and cluster logs from this species are of interest as decorative veneer in the U.K. The plain wood is rather nondescript in appearance and better known for conversion into matches and match boxes. Poplar is a close relative of European Aspen (P. canescens) which may also be a source of similar looking cluster veneer, although it all tends to be marketed as Poplar Burr. The unsteamed logs are rotary-cut and can yield, for a burr, some quite large sized veneers. Light yellowy biscuit background colour shows off the red brown pips and burrs very well. Occasional areas of ripple figure between the burrs add to the overall attractiveness of this versatile species.

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