Tigerwood, Malaysian

Botanical Name: Cardwellia sublimis

Origin: Southern Indonesian Islands, esp. Timor

Description: This striking veneer is a newcomer to the market in Europe and there is a certain amount of doubt over its precise identification. Our research leads us to believe it may be from the same family as Australian Silky Oak which is generic to northern Queensland. However it is totally different in appearance, with the most obvious feature being the prominent dark, irregular stripe. The usual large medullary rays that are visible on Australian Silky Oak are seen much reduced in size here. Background colour is a warm red-brown and this is overlaid with dark, almost black lines that are mostly around one to two centimetres apart. The logs we’ve seen have all been rift-cut so as to accentuate the stripy effect. Malaysian Tigerwood would be a great choice for special furniture.