Walnut, Australian

Also known as: Queensland Walnut, Walnut Bean, Orientalwood

Botanical Name: Endiandra palmerstonii (synonym, Cryptocarya palmerstonii)

Origin: Australia esp. Northern Queensland

Description: Not a true Walnut (Juglans spp.) but so-called because of its colour resemblance to various Walnut types. Difficulties with supply of logs (it is understood that only trees on privately owned estates may be legally felled) now mean that this veneer is not always readily available. When it can be found it is normally quarter-cut to produce an attractive veneer that is irregularly straight-grained, sometimes with an attractive mottle figure. Colour is widely variable from light greyish brown to quite dark brown, often incorporating pinkish, greeny blue and darker, sometimes almost black streaks and markings. One unmistakable feature of this species is the rather unpleasant smell given off by the fresh, untreated veneer. This disappears when it is laid and polished.