Environmental Responsibility

Our products are FSC® Certified, Lacey Act Compliant and LEED Credit Qualifying

FSC® - the mark of responsible forestry

Lacey Act Compliant

The United States Lacey Act was originally passed in 1900, and its impacts have given it renown as the most successful conservation law.

The Lacey Act prohibits import and trade of illegally harvested plants, illegal logging and associated trade. The Lacey Act also requires importers to declare information important to the timber or wood product's origin, encouraging much greater due care and creating more transparency in the supply chain.

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LEED Credit Qualifying

In the LEED 2009 commercial rating system (NC, CI), the Certified Wood (MRc7) offers a single point if at least 50% by cost of permanently installed wood products are FSC certified.

While the credits specific to FSC-certified material sourcing for LEED 2009 and LEED v4 are different, using FSC-certified materials on a LEED project will contribute towards credit achievement no matter which LEED version the project team is using.

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